My Experiance

I'm just like other ordinary human who have experiance in the life. This is my real experiance that I had gone through in my life.In life we must have a sweet memories and of course a sad memoies that happend in our life.A lot of experiance I want to share, I will try my best to tell you a bit about my experiance.I want to share a little story when I first time join sparring Taekwando. In that time I join competition MSSD Gombak.. In that time I enter two club at the same time, one club from school club and one club from outside.Because of that it become misunderstanding between the club.At that time I felt very awkward because i did not expect that is the big mistake, unawares it affect my match.I can not concentrate attention in match because I had to manage myself like find a head guard and other equipment with own.I enter the match without the couch and groin guard, I lost focus and I affected a powerfull kick exact on my face and blood out of my nose.

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